Thank you for voting Labour

Labour emerged as the largest party on Peterborough City Council after local elections on 2 May whilst the Conservatives suffered historic losses.

Labour gained 5 seats on Peterborough City Council direct from the Conservative Party and now have 19 councillors.

The independent group Peterborough First also made big gains and are the second largest bloc on the council with 14 members. The Conservatives now have 11 members.

Andrew commented: “These elections showed that Peterborough wants to turn the page on 14 years of the Tories with residents across the city voting for change.

“This was a really positive set of election results for Labour and Peterborough. It was a clear message with voters knowing who to back to reject the Tories.

“Labour is making progress towards a General Election where it will be a two-horse race between a fresh start with Labour and more of the same from the Conservatives.

“My job is to keep earning that trust, day by day.

“Well done to all newly elected councillors. I’d also like to thank those councillors who lost. We are all humans and politics has ups and downs. Regardless of party allegiance it is something to stand for office. Thank you for serving our community.”